Wednesday, 29 February 2012


The world we live in full of surprises and uncertainties. During our life and death human beings, however big there are mere creations of God almighty. Unfortunately this attend feet has often being overlooked by human being these days.
Human being is the most excellent creation in the universe. “Not to enjoy the luxurious physical assets. ‘Oat to pray and love the God almighty’’ – The Koran advises so.
If we study ourselves, we can study our guardian. That power, which created the human being from zero, has more capabilities greater than the most super conductor. Thereafter, the becomes a reality in the infinite universe. Real universe were he himself enjoys the fruit of his own deeds.
The two inter-opposing symbols ‘1’ and ‘0’. The symbols of truth and they represent the creator and the created of universe and almighty. Almost all things are circular in shape. Eg:- plants. Whether live or dead, almost every object in circular shape nadirally. Artificial objects are like rectangle, triangle, polygon etc... We can include that all objects are circular.
All objects except the almighty is having an exact shape. ‘1’ represent the almighty whose virtue a form cannot be assessed a figured in human body.
All languages start with ‘A’. The first letter in Koran is 1 which establishes that both are same. This has been rightly confirmed by the late Novelist Vaikom Mohammed Basheer. When he said that the ‘total of 1 and 1 is not 2, but a big 1’.
The big universe can be considered as a balloon expanding larger and larger. But we should know that this balloon was a single point form when it started to become large see, the creator did all these things.
The figure ‘1’ can be changed up to ‘9’ with slight variations. The gears and wheels are circular in shape which war derived from ‘zero’. Similarly the shape of electron, neutron, proton are also circular. Modern inventions might have started with zero. The telegraphic language as well as computer language are using ‘1’ and ‘0’ only.
The thought and belief protect by the envelope of religion in the blessing of Muslim people. Depending only on the physical objects for enjoyment and ignoring the almighty is not the Islamic way of life...